ivy mount guest house manchester

well, hello everyone in the world,this is my first time so be gentle,thought i would try this bloging thing


6 comments on “ivy mount guest house manchester

  1. Couldn’t have asked for a friendlier reception or service. Paul was extremely helpful and makes a cracking fry-up!!

    Room furnishing was excellent with a convenient sink in the non-en-suite rooms; digi-box so you avoid the terrestrial channel rubbish and newly refurbished clean bathroom facilities…. and you get some soup thrown in in early evening to keep you going – very thoughtful.

    All in all, for a nicely furnished room with excellent bathroom facilities and a friendly and considerate host you couldn’t want anything more in a bed and breakfast – I highly recommend the Ivy Mount!!

    Thanks again Paul

    • thank you very much for taking the time to give us a review here at the ivy mount,really glad you had a great stay with us,and i hope to see you when you are back in sunny manchester,all the best paul….

  2. Hi Paul

    Returning the compliment, I know your site well from checking where we are on Google; you seem to know what your doing web wise.

    It does seem to be a little slow this year how’s things with you?
    I’m thinking of setting up a ‘group’ in face book for maketing samll hotels and guest houses, everyone say’s what works for them and we all benifit.
    I’ll send you a link when it’s set up.

    Good luck for the coming year.


    • hi tony,its took me all this time to work out how to reply to this?hope you are doing well,and are busy,my tickets started at £0.99p but are now £68.00( fingers crossed)i will try and keep in touch paul…. ivymountguesthouse.com

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