A bed and breakfast saturday!!

Press releaseWell thats my first weeks work done,back to normal next week, totaly full monday onwards,witch is good,United and Liverpool on sunday,come on you reds,my prediction is 2-1 united.
Still no news of the tourist board,i have no nails left? it should be in the next couple of days hopefully.been looking on the internet for people who help bnb owners,there are not many out there,so i am thinking of starting a bussines for just that? maybe helping people just starting out,or who s bussiness is struggleing i have got loads of ideas tips ect..
well thats me for today thought i would leave you with this…….
“success,like happiness,cannot be pursued;it must ensue…as the unattained side affect of ones personal dedication to a course greater than oneself ”


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