Removing the bullet from my arm!

The hotel had arranged for a car and a driver for me to get to hospital,also a young girl to translate for me,so of we went to a private hospital on the island,

when we arrived there,i was sent straight through to see a doctor,he felt my arm up and down,next thing i know he was on the phone,speaking in thai,and looking at my arm?then the doors flew open with two nurses pushing a bed in the room,he said “mr carroll you have got to have an opperation now,there is some thing in your arm,and its turning your blood blue”

so next thing i know,im having about five needles in my arm in an operating theartre,he took a scalpal, cut my arm above the hole that was bleeding,stuck some long nose pliers in and pulled out a BULLET,and said “mr carroll you have been shot”Then as he was stiching me up,he told me the police have been informed,and are on the way to the hospital to interview me.Its been over three hours now since i left gita at the hotel,she was still none the wiser! when the police arrived,they told me i had to go to the station,and make a statement,so i jumped in there police van,and traveled across the island to the police headquarters.

Just before we got there,they stopped the van and told me there had been a young girl who had been raped,on the island,on new years eve,and there was press every where outside the they said that they had to cover me up because the press would think it was when we arrived at the station,there were people shuving camaras in the van windows,flashes going of every where,it was mad!once in there ,i got interviewed by the chief of police,who took the bullet of me for evidence.after that i asked if i could use a phone to speak to gita,it must of been five or six hours later.she did not have a clue about the day i was having.once i told her the full story,she told me that there was press all over the hotel,looking for me,so i could tell them my story,the news of the world,the mirror,the sun where all waiting for me to get back to the hotel.

when i arrived back at the hotel,they took me the back way, up to my room,drawn the curtains,and told me not to pick up the phone…..tomorrow i will tell you how i met the people from the british consolate.and got to fly first class…..


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