Final days on KO SUMUI

So where were we,I sat in that hotel room,for forty eight hours,i was so bored,i was pulling my hair out.The only time i went out was to get my arm dressed,at the same private hospital.

The manager of the hotel,said we could order anything we wanted of the room sevices menue,drinks food ect,all paid for by them,sounds great,but i could not drink,was not eating,it was terrible,so in the end i said i wanted to leave the hotel,and go some where so the press could not find me! The british embassey were in contact with me all the time,they were realy good to me.They asked me to not go to the press and tell my story,because the island was having a hard time of it all ready,because of the rape on the the hotel manager said to me they would fly me and gita back to bankok,put us up in the LANDMARK  HOTEL,all expences paid,also we would be up graded to the presidental suite.Anyway we took the offer,and went to the landmard,it was so nice,there was about six rooms one had a piano in it,we must of had five bathrooms,a large tv room,dressing room ect.I also had a nurce that came every day to dress my wound.we stayed in bankok for a week,and then it was time to fly home back to manchester,they also upgraded us to first class on the way back home,that was the best,probably worth getting shot for.

so what can i say about my experiances,firstly they found the people who raped the young girl,it was two thai fishermen.also now every new year, just before twelve oclock,i sit under a table  just to be safe.also i will never watch an austin powers movie again.all in all not many people can say they have been shot,and live to tell the tail,

hoped you injoyed my story



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