The tsunami in 2004 “watch this!”

Just watched this on utube,how bad was that! you forget how bad it was,watch this it puts the fear of god into you. that bloke walking along the beach on his own,those two  holiday makers clinging on for dear life.

when the tsunami hit in 2004 I was in malaysia,we missed it by one day,when we got there,all the beach was shut off,no one was aloud near could see all dead fish on the sand and peoples clothes all over the beach,it was terrible.when we arrived at our hotel,they told us that there could be another one,so if we heared a siren go of in the hotel, we had to go to reception,and they would get us to higher ground.our room was  on the third floor facing the beach,sea view room.was not really happy,struggled to sleep that night,my mind was going over time,once i finally got to sleep that night all of a sudden i heard a siren going of in the hotel,i jumped out of bed,got gita (my wife ) up,and we both ran to the reception,when we got there,everything seemed as normal,no one looked scared, there was no panic,so we asked for the manager of the hotel,when he arrived at the reception,we told him about the siron noise in our room,he looked confused,but then started laughing,he said,the coke van had just delivered all its crates,at the side of the hotel,and it was the noise of the van reversing, what a pair of wallys!!

But to all the people who lost there lives to the tsunami R.I.P


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