Creative Fridays @ ivy mount guest house

From now on,fridays are creative fridays,if you or anyone would like to tell us a funny story,you may have a great picture,or video,send it to me and i will post on my blog on friday.there may be a new craze,dance,film out,book ect…i will look at it all!

So come on get thinking? it should be great fun!

I will start,and tell you my thailand story….

Well i know it sounds like a crazy story,but yes i really did get shot in Thialand.It was new years eve 2005,we were staying in a five star hotel in KO SUMUI thailand,the hotel was called the ANANTRA it was lovely,there was a party going on in the hotel that night for new years eve,it was an austin powers party £100 each all the food and drink you can eat and drink.we was not going to go,but the manager talked us into it,saying all the guest are going,so we paid our dues and went.My wife gita was pregnent at the time,so she did not really fancy it,they sat us right at the front,next to some speakers,as the night went on we ate the food i drank for us both,we were having a great time (or i was!)just before 12 oclock,gita wanted to swap seats with me,because of the noise of the speakers,so we did,i was getting quite drunk by now,then all of a sudden the count down started,with austin powers on the stage 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 …………….

Thats the last i remember of that,my next memery was austin powers trying to get me up,all the table we were sat at,was smashed up,i was lay on the floor,with all the party stopped and looking at me! there was blood every were,my white shirt was red with blood,and my arm was just pumping blood out.once my head sorted its self out,i got to my feet (drunk)wraped a towel around my arm,every one was saying i must of been hit with a fire work? i did not even know there was any fire works,the party had totally stoped by now,every body there was just stairing at me! so me and gita made our way to our room,on the way there, the hotel manager kept and asking me to go to hospital,but i was not haveing it,so he left us,and we went back to our room.

Once i was there,the towel wraped around my arm was full of blood,so we changed it and tryed to go to bed,it was a terrible nights sleep,my arm was throbbing,it had a pulse,i did not sleep a wink.i was sat up most of the night,waiting for the sun to rise,as it did i went down to the resturant for some fresh air and a cup of tea.once i was there,i could hear every body talking about the accident that happend in the hotel.also i realized i had lost my watch?so i went to look for it,where the doo was the night before,when i got there,the table was still smashed up,and when i looked under the debre,there was my watch on the floor,the whole face was blown off,it was in bits.

After that i went back to my room,and me and gita went and sat on the beach,when we got there the hotel manager was looking for me saying he had a car outside waiting for me to go to the hospital,i was a bit unsure,but told gita i would not be long,to wait for me,i said i will be back in one hour,little did i know i would not see her for the rest of the day! also i would be told i was shot? and also the world press would get me mixed up with another crime on the island, that happened that night as well!!!

tomorrow i will tell you the rest of the story,you will not beleave it!!!!


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