Jamie Oliver comes to Manchester!


Jamie Oliver

5,000 diners a week? Jamie Oliver thinks big as he prepares to open restaurant on Manchester’s King Street

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is finally ready to open his first Manchester restaurant – almost three years since he mooted his ambitions to spread his foodie empire to the city.

The site for his Jamie’s Italian, at the top of King Street, is rapidly taking shape and Jamie is now recruiting for the head chef and management at the site ready for a huge launch.

Jamie clearly feels there’s a big appetite for his Italian style in Manchester – as the King Street eaterie will be his biggest restaurant to date.

And Jamie doesn’t appear to be worried that he’ll be in direct competition with Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand’s Italian restaurant, Rosso, which is just across the road.

I hear the refurbishment of the former HSBC bank building is looking pretty stunning ahead of Jamie shipping in his team into the venue in the autumn.

He’s clearly hoping for a high volume footfall at the restaurant, as in the advert for staff, applicants are advised: “You won’t be fazed by serving 5000 customers a week.”

Essex-born Jamie has created a multi-million pound food empire over the last decade, and is one of the best known faces in cuisine across the world thanks to his TV shows like The Naked Chef, Jamie’s Kitchen, and his campaigning work on school dinners.

As well as running his chain of Fifteen gourmet restaurants across the world, in 2007 he started up his Jamie’s Italian restaurant brand, promising authentic but affordable Italian grub.

Restaurateurs clearly feel there’s an unquenchable thirst for classy Italians in Manchester, not least thanks to the success of celebhaunt San Carlo – believed to be the city’s most profitable restaurant.

Indeed, The Diary also hears there are plans to convert the modern English cuisine of the Kitchen Restaurant in Barton Arcade into the Italian tapas format so popular over at San Carlo spin-off Cicchetti.

The Kitchen, owned by The Circle club, hopes to emulate the success of venues like Cicchetti and Dimitris in providing “modern Italian and Meditteranean tapas” in a phased redevelopment in coming months
5,000 diners a week? Jamie Oliver thinks big as he prepares to open restaurant on Manchester’s King Street

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